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ONE WEEK TO GO [11 Nov 2005|09:23pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

yes, harry potter and the goblet of fire is coming out next friday. im going to see how many times i can see it in one day. ive got 2 confirmed...im still working on my mum letting me go to see it at midnight. she thinks im going to get shot or attacked at that time. but i though, this is a kids movie....ill probably be one of the oldest non parental figures there! so, when did i get this bljournal? wednesday, right?
so yeha, i said i was going to write about the things that i do....which shouldnt take all that long. i went to concepts and theories after i signed yp for this account and i listed to the prof and watched some ghetto ass movie about ana rtist who hung up curtains across some hick towns and all the damn hippies were protesting. bloody hippies... when it was our break time, melissa, melissa(yes, theres 2) and i were going on our break, i started to walk out the classroom and my foot wouldnt move. i pulled and pulled and i was like what the hell. i looked down and saw that my shoe got stuck in the straps on my backpack. i dont know why, but i seem to be prone to stupid things like that. then at the end of class i walked out and got my coat stuck in the door too. and somewhere inbetween i got soaked in the rain too.
erm...thursday was crappy. i went to pop lit and then to design. were doig this really weird thing involving depth. my prof seems to like all the work that the students hate the most! crazy class that is.
today is friday...rememberance day. i worked from 10-3, so there was a moment of silence. the one thing i couldnt believe was that people CONTINUED to shop during the moment of silent. people make me so angry sometimes! i came home and watched charlie and the chocolate factory for the second time since i got it on tuesday! LOVE that movie. i was talkling to the poeple in hmv about how awesome tim burton is. if i ever won a large sum of money id move to l.a., find him and just ask if i could work for him at no cost. just to be around him while hes maing a film would probably be one of the greatest experiences of my life.
im done all the birthday shopping for the month. my brother nicky, victoria, zalma and ryan....WHY did they all have to be born within a week of eachother? im so poor now man. went to the mall after school running around looking for stuff. its all done now, so i hope everyone liked what i got them. nicky got his gift already. you cant go wrong with a video game for that kid. he thanked me for getting him a challenging game. itll be done by next week. i am the worst at videogames. it took me almost 3 years to beat kingdom hearts. but i guees that was because i played it every few months, the timer was at 53 hours when i finally kicked ansems ass for the last time.
i do say, this is probably one of the happiest journals ive ever read. everyone always has something sad to complain about. i guess my mission for next week is to find something that i can write something really dramatic about. even if i have to make it up......heh heh heh

p.s. on the mood setting, why is ditzy, silly and crazy all the same bloody expression????????

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wooh i have a journal [09 Nov 2005|02:34pm]

look at that. i have decided to jump on writing an online journal bandwagon. go me! hmmm, i wonder how many people will actually ever read this thing? probably none. but hey, its cheaper than a therapist! i guess i should like, do an intro of some sort to establish meself in this online...community. ah, who the hell bloody cares, i dont have time for all that jazz. im sure that over the time that i actually write this journal, enough will be learned about me. i will chronicle my days at ryerson university in the 1st year new media program, because im sure that everyone would find it SO interesting. yeha, so, if you were unfortuneate enough to stumble across my crappy little journal and read it, email me if youre bored. because chances are, ill be bored too. ok im done. p.s. NINE MORE DAYS TIL THE GOBLET OF FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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